Gleason's Annual Bowl Pool

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Updated standings are posted. Congratulations to Brett from NY. The only one of our leaders to choose The Ohio State.  Second place goes to Paul from the Landry Family.

First Place $150

Second Place $30

Brett S 215Chris O12Paul H 211Kevin G9
Amy14Charlie12Mikey11Bob McM9
Kerry14Rich S. 212Brett S 111Evelyn9
Bruce 14Aimee12Elizabeth11Hannah M9
Andrew S. 14Dick M312Charlene I11Justin9
Joy M14Grampy12Jeff S11Matthew McC8
Paul 14Kevin O12Tom A10Paul H 18
Chol214Lee O12Mike C.10Stuart R.8
Ali L14Brad12Dillon M10Dick M18
Ellie 14Maritza12Steve 10Tom C. 28
Brent L13Gary M12Scott10Isabelle S8
Colton M13Jim C12Greg J.10Rick F8
Mary13Tom C. 112Brayden10Kevin M 18
Kyle C.13Jackson12Billy R10Rich S8
Beth O13Steve L Jr12Annette S9Doreen8
Allie A13Addison M12Michael9Lyn J.8
Jack13Leah12Todd C9Russ8
Dick M213Don B12Grammy9Deb8
Chol13Chuck M11Hunter9Kevin M 27
Steve L Sr13Karen I11Jenni M9
Black -MA
Blue - FL
Maroon - NY
Red - Landry
Orange - TX